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Sonotrax Express

sonotech probe

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User friendly, all-in-1 design

Extremely light, all-in-1 design, weight only 80g even with the batteries
Small in size, (L) 110 x (W) 55 x (H) 17mm, smallest on market
Digital diplay (25x14mm) showing the average fetal heart rate
Automatically sense when it is off from the tummy, and screen will display the last FHR detected
Waterproof ultrasound probe
Built-in audio output, can connect to computer or any recording device
Two audio outputs, allow recording while listening with headphone
Automatically turn off when no signal is detected for 1 minute
Low energy consumption. Two 3A batteries can operate for 6 hours
Accessories: in-ear headphone, audio-out line, necklace


Doppler probe emit a ultrasound with the frequency fixed at 2.0MHz
Ultrasound output dosage is below 10mW/c㎡(Isata)
Ultrasound dosage is only 1/10 of FDA-recommended safety level (97mW/C㎡(Isata))
Fulfil strigent industrial safety standard
(include CE, ISO 13485:2003, GB Medical Directive 93/94/EEC, CE 0123)


Can detect FHR from 50 to 240bpm
Very sensitive doppler probe, sensitivity is higher than 90dB
Error is less than ± 2%
Can detect fetal heart signal as early as 10th week pregnancy (also depends on where the fetus is)

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Recommended retail price $850 (1/4 the cost of professional model)

Direct sale discount, $850 $750

Doctors and Nurses have additional discount of $50

With this very affordable price, you don't need to rent it.

Call now, at 2555 7778

As we frequent run out of stock, please call before you come, thanks!