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Unlike "similar" but cheaper products on market, Sonotech Express is a product of a Medical Equipment Manufacturer.

Sonotech Express Fetal Doppler is manufactured by Meditech Inc which is located in Qingdao, PRC. For years, Meditech Inc has been devoted in the development and production of medical devices. While it has noted a surge in the demand of fetal doppler among pregnant ladies, it decided to utilise its experience in ultrasound technology on the production of the fetal doppler, with the targetted user as untrained general public.

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What is a fetal doppler?

It is just not what the first impression is, simplily an amplifier of sound.

Actually, it utilise a more sophisticated technology called doppler effect to detect the beating motion of the fetal heart. In daily life, police use the same technology to detect speeding, with the use of laser. Understandable, one will not shoot laser to an unborn baby; using ultrasound rather than audible sound will greatly enhance the resolution of signal, furthermore, it will allow the sound wave to travel to deeper tissue, making detection of a well protected (deep inside the tummy of the mother) fetus possible.

Sonotech Express Fetal Doppler although look simple, it has housed a ultrasonic emitter, a signal detection probe, a CPU, an integrated circuit, two audio output, a LCD display screen....all in a single unit, with the size of a mobile phone and weight of 80g. It is truely a product of technology.

Furthermore, in order to have a better safety profile (safety is of paramount importance for things use on baby), it has a very low ultrasonic dosage. To compensate, it need a very sensitive probe to collect the signal. In that sense, it is not the kind of product you currently see on market.


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