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Sonotech Express fetal ultrasonic doppler scanner is a handheld device for measuring fetal heart rate. Its specification can satisfy the need of a doctor working in a general practice clinic. Its ease of use also allow a pregnant lady to monitor the heart rate of her unborn baby.

Sonotech Express exemplify how a professional medical instrument is converted to a domestic medical product.

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1. What is fetal heart rate (FHR)?

   FHR refers to the rate of heart beating of the unborn fetus. FHR is a very useful parameter reflecting the fetal wellbeing (that's why all pregnant women need it recorded during every prenatal check-up visit and during their labour). The normal rhythm is 120-160 beat per minute (bpm).

2. Why you need to monitor the FHR?

   When the fetus is lacking oxygen supply (be it due to a decrease in uterine circulation supply or placental disorder e.g placenta abruptio), its heart rate rises (just like what you will do). The earliest signal will be the FHR is greater than 160bpm.
   When the hypoxic condition continue, the fetal movement (kicking) will decrease to less than 4 times an hour, that can spare the precious oxygen to vital organ. At the same time, FHR might decrease to less than 120bpm as its high metabolic need can no longer be matched.
   If the condition remains not rectified, the fetus will no longer move, FHR will drop further. From the onset of increase FHR to loss of FHR (fetal death), the time frame can be up to 48 hours. If you can seize this window, urgent medical attention might able to spare the baby from irreversible damage.
   You will not take any chance for that, will you??
   From the 10th week of pregnancy, you can use the Sonotech Express Fetal Doppler and listen to the FHR
   In order to safeguard the possible risk, you can practice FHR monitoring 3 times a day. It will only take up 1 minute for each session. If the FHR is beyond the normal range 9120-160bpm), please recheck half an hour later. If it is persistently abnormal, please visit your obstetrician for a formal assessment. It is always better to err on safe side, agree?

3. Is it safe to use Sonotech Express Fetal Doppler?

   Sonotech Express Fetal Doppler is absolutely safe!
  For years, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the USA has been monitoring the safety profile of ultrasound doppler scanners on market. Up till now, there is no single report of harmful effect on fetus.
  The largest clinic of the USA, Mayo Clinic, has summarised its experience of the use of ultrasound on fetus. With its 30 years of experience, it mentioned, "although noise and warming effect is a theoretical concern, there has not been any report documenting the harmful effect on fetus with the use of ultrasound in clinical setting. The benefit of its usage has far outweigh these speculative worries".
  Both the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine has approved the use of fetal doppler scanner at home.
  Actually, we tried it on our babies!

Download the Sonotech Express leaflet (Traditional Chinese version only)