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There are a lot of similar products, why should we choose Sonotech Express?

  • Cost does say the difference! Sonotech Express is a product of a Medical Equipment Manufacturer. Although Sonotech Express has been marketed as a consumer-grade product, its quality has achieved the highest standard at its level
  • You can use hand cream and baby oil as conduction media, a much convenient feature
  • Comparison table of "similar" products
    Brand Meditech JumpXX BebeSXXXXXs Hi BeBX
    Model Sonotech Express

    AngelsouXX Top model

    PrenatXX hearX listXXXX BT2XX
    Medical equipment manufacturer? bestYes No No No
    Made in PR China PR China PR China ?PR China
    Distributed by a medical equipment supplier? bestYes! We are the supplier of the Hospital Authority since 2006 No No No
    Ultrasound frequency best2MHz 3.3MHz Unknown best2MHz
    Ultrasound dosage best10mW/c㎡ 20mW/c㎡ Unknown best10mW/c㎡
    FHR display? bestYes bestYes No bestYes
    All-in-one design? bestYes No No No
    Size best110x55x17mm 250x240x80mm ~200x200x80mm Pocket size
    Weight best80g 370g 不知 ~500g
    FHR Detectable range best50 to 240bpm Unknown Unknown best50 to 240bpm
    Sensitivity best≥90dB Unknown Unknown Unknown
    Error best< ± 2% Unknown Unknown best< ± 2%
    Audio output best2 outputs 1 output best2 1 output
    Low energy consumption? bestTwo 3A batteries can last for 6 hours Four 3A batteries. Not know how long it last 9V battery. Not know how long it last bestTwo 3A batteries can last for 6 hours
    Post-sale warranty 1 Year Need to bring back to Shengzhen factory by yourself Unknown Unknown
    Price $750 $690 (unofficial online seller) best$560 (ebay, unofficial online seller) $1200 (ebay, unofficial online seller)
    What the wisdom says,
    "Cost speaks for the quality!"
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) marks the safety level of ultrasound dosage being 97mW/c㎡(Isata). The lower will be the safer, but requires a much sensitive machine to pick up
  • Medical equipment manufacturer will provide technical specification as their usual practice